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Why should I work for Early Bird Recruitment agency -EBRA?

At EBRA we endeavour to create a working schedule that suits your family and life style by encouraging every employee to provide a schedule of days they are available to work during every month.

Does Early Bird Recruitment Agency –EBRA- offer training in Health and Care?

At EBRA we use external professional training institutions to develop health and care workers who are versatile to work for any agency in the United Kingdom? However, you may be asked to pay for the training initially and this may be refunded after serving the company for a year.

Does Early Bird Recruitment Agency –EBRA- provide its staff with uniforms?

At present EBRA does not provide uniforms due to the nature of our current job assignments but we expect our staff to be smartly dressed. In the near future we intend to provide a uniform in line with our brand and culture.

What can I expect to benefit or gain by working for Early Bird Recruitment Agency?

EBRA is an equal opportunity employer which ensures that you are not discriminated against in form or aspect.

Can I expect to progress in my professional development and career if I join your organization?

EBRA encourages every member of staff to enrol for any other courses which will improve and enhance their professional and career advancement.