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Community Care

We offer Community Care services and support to help people to continue to live independently at home and in the community.

What support can you expect?

Our carers and support workers assist and support individuals with personal and practical care needs including support to those with functional mental health problems, learning or physical difficulties or elderly people.

Our support workers and carers are fully trained to meet each persons’ different requirements for their care. Therefore, we are aware of the challenges you may face to continue living in your own home as you may need help with personal care such as washing, dressing and you may also need some assistance or some practical support with daily living such as cleaning or making meals.

The range of community care services available to support you are:
  • Domiciliary care (more commonly known as home help)
  • Day care (provided in day centres)
  • Respite care (non-residential)
Who is entitled to these services?

You can contact us for more information regarding your entitlement to receive community care services and you will have to be assessed (community care assessment) carried out by Social Services.

*we accept direct payments as well as payments from social services.

Contact us for a referral to any assessment and help needed.

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